Notice of proposed Extra-ordinary General Meeting

July 17, 2018 – 9:03 pm

14 July 2018

Old Sulians’ Association
Notice of proposed Extra-ordinary General Meeting

Following discussion between the immediate past officers of the Association, it has been agreed that, sadly, the time has come for the Association to be formally wound up and the funds distributed in accordance with the constitution. It has also been agreed that the best and quickest way of accomplishing this is to hold the EGM partially ‘electronically’ and for those for whom we have no email address, by post.

Currently the Association funds amount to £3,433.65 plus a small stock of ties. It is proposed that £2,000 be donated to the School to provide long-term funds for the Old Sulian Prizes, £1,000 to the Old Sulian RFC for the on-going maintenance of the Clubhouse and the remainder, less any expenses, to RUH Cancer Care Fund and/or Dorothy House Hospice.

If you have any comments about the above process and/or the proposal, please submit it to by 1 September at the latest. If no such comments are received, we will assume that all members are in agreement and act accordingly.

Yours sincerely

Peter Powell, Acting Secretary
Richard Wood, Acting Treasurer
Tony Comer, Acting Trustee
Neil Blake, Acting Trustee

Confirmation of the final outcome will be posted on the Old Sulian website after the 1st of September.

The Association

August 31, 2009 – 12:40 pm

The Old Sulians’ Association exists to provide contact between the former pupils and staff of the Bath Secondary Boys’ School,  the City of Bath School for Boys, the City of Bath Boys’ School, and Beechen Cliff School.

Old Sulians’ Association – The End.

October 31, 2018 – 1:00 am

Old Sulians’ Association 1909 – 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sadly, we have commenced the winding up of the Association. Thank you for all the messages that we received following the letter/e-mail that was sent out earlier this year. They were unanimously supportive of our proposals and to that end we have now presented cheques to Beechen Cliff School to sustain the Old Sulian Awards made each year at Presentation Evening, and to the Old Sulians’ Rugby Club towards ongoing maintenance of the clubhouse on Lansdown. Rich Wood and Peter Powell will now close the bank account and the remaining funds of about £360 will be divided between the RUH Cancer Care Fund and Dorothy House Hospice in due course.
The seeds of the Association were first sown at a meeting of former pupils of the Bath City Secondary School on 25th November 1909. It stalled during the First World war, and was reborn in 1925 with a membership of 70 and, even then, members in America and Australia. There were various sports clubs, and dinners and dances were annual events. The Annual Dinner went from Fortes in Milsom Street to various hotels, the Rugby Club and latterly Beechen Cliff. The Treasure Hunt for many years involved up to 30 cars wandering around the nearby countryside on a Sunday afternoon. This evolved into the walking Treasure Hunt around the City when Sue Trude and then  Robert Hill showed us parts that most of us had never seen. Terry Hardick took us up the river in one of his pleasure boats for nautical picnics. Whilst in recent years numbers at the annual Ladies Night were declining, the Annual Dinner was flourishing with 60 to 70 members attending, many travelling many miles to do so. But all good things come to an end.

We have given the School the complete minutes of the Association from 1925 together with some more Sulian Magazines to add to their collection, and assorted photos and other memorabilia which might be of ongoing interest. The headmaster has said he receives regular parties and individuals who wish to visit their alma mater and recall memories of their time on Beechen Cliff. Although there has been considerable development of the site, any former student would immediately recognise the School and be able to retrace steps taken many years back. Be assured you will always receive a warm welcome although with modern requirements, a prior request would be very helpful.
If you wish to follow news and events at School they can be found on the internet at:

And similarly, the Old Sulians’ Rugby Club can be found at:

The Association web-site:  will be kept alive until our domain renewal is due.

And finally, whatever you may have read or heard, Beechen Cliff School is alive and well. it has outstanding levels of academic and sporting achievement and a diverse range of extra-curricular activities, and continues in the traditions of its forebearers.

Peter Powell, Rich Wood, Tony Comer and Neil Blake.
October 2018


The Association’s Future

May 22, 2015 – 6:33 pm

At the AGM in February there were no nominations for any of the vacant Officer posts. This leaves us without anyone to perform the usual Secretarial, Treasurer and Newsletter duties. However negotiations have been on going with School as to an alternative. At the present time the Association is therefore suspended. We will advise all members as to the next stage which is likely to be an AGM, special or otherwise, at which it is likely to be proposed that the Association as it is now, is wound up. In the meantime the former Secretary and the Treasurer have agreed to carry out any essential tasks.
Also at this stage there will be no more newsletters and no Annual Dinner. If that situation changes members will be informed.

Rich Wood

Annual General Meeting, 24th February 2015.

January 24, 2015 – 7:30 pm

Dear Sulian,                                                                                                                22nd January 2015


Please find below, the Agenda for the AGM on Tuesday 24th February. You will note that at the time of writing there are no nominations for the Officer posts of Secretary, Treasurer, Hon Correspondent or Social Secretary. 2 Committee Members are also standing down. The present incumbents have all been in their posts for a considerable number of years and are leaving for a variety of reasons.

If no nominations or volunteers are forthcoming, the next notice you receive will be for a meeting to wind up the Association in its 90th year. I am sorry to be so blunt but we have been struggling to attract people to the Committee for a number of years and  things have now come to a head.

If you feel you can help please contact me as soon as possible

There is no newsletter this time.


Peter Powell

Honorary Secretary

11 Kennet Park,   Bathampton,   Bath  BA2 6SS         01225 466608





The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held at 7.30 pm. prompt on Tuesday 24th February 2015 at the Bath Cricket Club, North Parade, by kind  permission of the Cricket Club. Your attention is drawn to Rule 15, under which any member wishing to move a resolution or nominate an Officer at the Annual General Meeting must give notice of their intention in writing to the Honorary Secretary, not less than seven days before the meeting.

P D Powell   Honorary Secretary



  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of 2014AGM
  3. Matters arising
  4. Hon. Secretary’s Report
  5. Hon. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Election of Officers:
  7. President – Ian Stanes   –    Committee nomination
  8.    Vice Presidents
  9. Hon. Secretary – no nomination
  10.         Hon. Treasurer – no nomination
  11.        Hon. Social  Secretary – no nomination
  12.           Hon. Correspondent – no nomination
  13.        Hon. Auditors
  14.          Trustees
  15. Executive Committee
  16. Rule change proposed by Executive Committee.

Amend Rule 10 by removing the words highlighted.

10 ALLOCATION OF FUNDS   A Life Members Fund shall be maintained from Life Members Subscriptions, sufficient to represent the number of Life Members in the Association at the year’s end. The Funds from time to time be invested in such securities as the Trustees may decide, after full consideration has been given to the annual requirements of the Association.


  1. Any other business.

Annual Dinner

September 4, 2014 – 9:27 am

This years Annual Dinner will take place at School on Friday the 24th October 2014. The ticket price has been held again at £35 (or £30 for early payment). Tony Buss has been working with the School to improve on the arrangements that were so successful last year.
Jaq Brewer, a Governor, is running the bar with the  proceeds going to the School. There will be beer and wine. With a bottle of  wine at about £15 you should not need a mortgage this year! 6.30 start with dinner at 7.30. See the chitty below. A limited amount of B & B accommodation might be available at School. Check with Tony Buss for the latest information if interested.




Old Sulians’ Association Annual Dinner 2014


I enclose a cheque payable to ‘Old Sulians’ Association’ for £35 per person, (£30 if paid before 10th October) for this year’s

dinner on Friday 24th October, at Beechen Cliff School, Alexandra Park. 6.30pm for 7.30pm. Black tie or dark lounge suit.







Please return your cheque to: Roger Wood, 101 Hansford Square, Bath, BA2 5LL

Any Queries to Tony Buss, phone: 01225 404625  or e-mail: asgbuss1940(AT)  (replace the (AT) with symbol)


Tick here for the vegetarian option ……………



If possible seat me near…………………………



Newsletter September 2014

September 4, 2014 – 9:22 am

Important—The Association

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Association needs YOU! Rich Wood, Treasurer for the last 16 years, has indicated that he will stand down at the next AGM; Alan Blake, twice President, ’49 ‘ers organiser and committee member and Peter Jenkins, former Editor of the newsletter and long time committee member  (90 next birthday) are also both retiring. I also will be taking a break for a while after producing the newsletter temporarily for the last 20 years.  If you think you could help fill the gaps, the  Secretary would be delighted to hear from you. The committee meets monthly,missing out August and December, and collectively keep things ticking over but it needs people to function. Please think about giving Peter Powell a ring if you can help. Details at the end as usual. Please don’t let this year’s Annual Dinner be the last!


Glyn Maddocks Memorial Dinner

Bob Copperman is arranging a dinner in remembrance of Glyn Maddocks. He has over 50 attending so far. He has booked a 3 course dinner to be held on Saturday, 20th September at the function room upstairs at the Green Park Brasserie. It will start at 7 for 7.30 p.m. at a cost of £35 per head. It is hoped that as many of Glyn’s family, friends, former students and colleagues will be able to attend to celebrate his memory as well as raise a few pounds for two of his favourite charities – the Bath Rugby Foundation and Dorothy House. Please contact Bob at (phone 01225-471100 ask for Bob or Abi Leeworthy his assistant). Cheques should be made out to the Rotary Club of Bathavon and sent to Bob at  Money Wise IFA Ltd, 7 Chapel Row, Queen Square, Bath, BA1 1HN.

He will send out tickets on receipt of the cheques in the next couple of weeks. Please also mention if you would like to sit on the same table or avoid certain people!!!!!


Beechen Cliff School

For a change this time I have taken the liberty of copying the end-of-term letter from the Chair of Governors, published in the School Newsletter.


Earlier this week I had the great pleasure of attending the new Year 7 evening at the school. Enthusiasm shone out from everywhere! The large number of parents and children attending is testament to their keenness to join Beechen Cliff School, which we have been able to respond to by increasing the intake for next year which will be a busy one. I spoke to some of the parents and children who were all excited by the prospect of joining us and expressed how pleased they were to be given a place at Beechen Cliff. What struck me in equal measure was the excitement and enthusiasm of the staff presenting to the parents and children, current pupils who were helping and showing off our new uniform and members of the PTA, who provided refreshments. Every one of the individuals involved was hugely welcoming to our new recruits which I am sure will help their transition to the new “big school” in September.

The evening demonstrated to me what Beechen Cliff School is all about and which is so well summarised in our core values of aspiration, balance, compassion and independence. The views of current parents show equal enthusiasm for the School in their responses to the Parent View questionnaire completed at the time of the Ofsted inspection in March, which I am sure you will recall resulted in a very positive outcome. Whilst the result of the inspection is but part of our overall objectives, it is very encouraging to have been benchmarked externally and found to be doing so well and an accolade for the teachers and staff of the School.

This year was the first that we have welcomed boarders, albeit a very small number partly due to the new block not being quite finished yet which was a particular regret as far as this year’s sixth form is concerned. We hope to have the block repaired and in working order early in the new academic year when we can welcome a few more boarders and begin to explore how we can use the facilities for the wider benefit of our pupils.

We are at the early stages of preparing a second master plan for the site now the first is largely complete. We want to use the plan to further our aims of broadening formal and informal learning by creating spaces that exhibitions and performances can take place and be integrated into school life a lot more readily. During the early part of next year we will be consulting parents and local associations and we very much hope you will take the opportunity to be involved.

I cannot finish without mentioning the other achievements of the school this year, both on and off the sports field. Sporting success has been significant this year. The achievement of the rugby teams at Under 13, 14, 15 and 16 level is well known. The U13 Tennis Team also took the county title and it seems that our 1st XI Cricket team will be at least joint winders of the Bath and Bristol League. It is only the weather that intervened to stop them being sole champions.

My greatest pleasure is seeing how many of our youngsters are participating in various sporting experiences. The governors are committed to seeing all our pupils have the chance to take part in activities and to enjoy them, Regardless of aptitude.

Finally, I would like to end by thanking everyone who has supported the School and our pupils over the last year. Thank you to our staff – whilst it is “their job” they are all highly committed to the school and the success of our pupils and often go way beyond what is expected. Interestingly, a number of pupils I was talking to indicated that it is activities outside the classroom that they are noted for! Thank you to all our parents and carers, many of whom go beyond just looking after and encouraging their own children. On behalf of the Governors, I hope you enjoy a well earned rest and we look forward to welcoming many of you back next year.

Charles Oldham


I commend the end-of-term newsletter to you, available on the School web-site:


Robert’s Ramble/Walking Treasure Hunt

Thursday July 24th 2014 Once again Robert Hill and his team excelled themselves. A glorious evening saw 11 teams battling around the City to reach the Cricket Club. Eyes were strained, tempers were frayed, feet were sore but he still managed to find bits of Bath you’d missed over the years. The victor in a close finish was current Beechen Cliff student Ethan Wood, ably supported by his Uncle and Grandparents! We made £47 on the night which was matched twice by 2 members of the runners up team of Geeks and Nerds, I think that’s what they were called but Zonkey Solutions and the Breaks Co were so ecstatic at having even got around the course that they donated the extra. The five pints each on the way may have helped!


‘49’ers at it again!

Alan Blake Reports: Currently we are still scheduled to attend a lunch on Oct.15th, this is because Derek Swift and wife Lannie are visiting. I have promises to attend from about 12 who with their wives will make quite a nice party. Of course much can happen to peoples plans in the 5 months since I floated the idea! I just hope the star doesn’t change his mind again. If you remember, last year, instead of coming here for the reunion he stayed home and got married! Contact Alan on 01761 471088 or alan.blakeofgreyfield(AT)  for  details.


Events Future

Informal Lunches

Sep 10th Old Down Inn, Emborough

Oct 15th Bird in Hand, Saltford

Nov 12th Quarryman’s Arms, Box

On the second Wednesday of the month, meet around Noon, phone Peter Powell with any queries. It’s informal as usual, treat your lady or bring a friend, find a table and pay your own bill.




News from Down-under. Professor David Rich (CBBS 1960s, then Cambridge University), emigrated to Australia as an academic, ultimately becoming Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and Provost at the University of Tasmania in 2007. This year he has finally retired and taken on a new  position chairing the university’s 125th anniversary organising committee (May 2014). Princess Mary of Denmark, a UTas graduate, is the Patron of the special events being arranged for the anniversary. Peter Jones (1954-63) emigrated to Australia where he is still teaching Modern  History,  English and Comparative Religion at The Friends’ School in Hobart, Tasmania. Having got his first degree in History at Oxford (1966), he has completed a Masters in Tasmanian history at the University of Tasmania and a PhD at the University of New England (2013) with a thesis on Islamic  Schools in Australia. Having had both hips replaced after too much long distance running, started while at CBBS, he still managed to be the fastest male over 70 in a recent Fun Run (with some of his students) although there was little competition in that age group.

Golf Sadly this years match against NHSOB and the Association Golf Day were both cancelled. Long time organiser Mick Moore has had a rough spell health-wise. Let’s hope a little Minorca’n sun will perk him up.

Coach Trip We hope to have a number of seats on a coach trip to Windsor Castle with our   favourite Travel Emporium on Sunday 15th March next year, with the possibility of catching the afternoon Choral Evensong in St George’s Chapel. Contact Tony Buss (01225 404625 or  asgbuss1940(AT)  to register your interest.

Rugby Club Training has started and trials have taken place by the time you read this. The first 2 games are at Home on 6th and 13th September. Still in Tribute Somerset 1.If you know anyone who wants to play they are always looking for new members, and if you want to watch there’s always a welcome on Lansdown. Subs Just a reminder that the Annual Subs went up at the AGM. If you have a Bankers Order it needs to go up to £2 next January. Life Membership is now £15.

Lest we forget

August 4, 2014 – 12:01 am